Welcome to the 2018 season for the Newmarket Mens Flag Football League



 Playoff Schedule Sat Oct 20

  Complex 2 Complex 3  
8:30am 6 Hounds  vs  7 New Team   B
9:30am 3 Lacesout vs 6/7 Winner 4 X-Copper vs 5 Pelt Pounders  B
10:30am 3 Hudek vs 6 Market  4 Shitehawks vs 5 Golden Bears  A
12:00pm 1 Raiders vs Lowest Winning Seed 2 Fauckers vs Highest Winning Seed B
1:00pm 1 Redmen vs Lowest Winning Seed 2 Thunder vs Highest Winning Seed A
2:30pm Winners of Semi's   B
3:30pm Winners of Semi's   A